Welcome to Harper Legal Consulting (HLC), a legal career consulting firm that has developed relationships with law firms, companies, and attorneys with a primary focus on attorney career placements. Harper Legal Consulting works very hard to make fast placements for both firms and for attorneys.

HLC has a top-tier rapport with attorneys who started their careers in AM Law 100 firms and are mostly graduates from top law schools.  HLC recruiters take time to inform candidates on the relevant market for their particular skill set. As well, HLC recruiters groom, coach, and advise candidates on how to develop and cultivate contacts that will allow them to transition to positions in-house with companies.

Partners who find themselves in situations with their firm that stifle their professional growth or find more business development pressures without firm support have the most to benefit by signing on with HLC. HLC has the ability to move Partners and entire groups of lawyers into other firms that have a better support landscape in place. HLC recruiters are also excellent business development strategists who are able to assess firm culture and provide solutions that promote business and prevent attrition.

Law firms have come to rely on Harper Legal Consulting to provide excellent candidates in all office sizes, practice areas, and at all levels of expertise from Junior Associate to Partner.

Please inquire about how we may assist you in your specific legal career decisions. You will find that our responses will be highly relevant and based upon a solid platform of legal recruiting expertise. HLC conducts all of its business in a highly professional manner securing discreet and confidential opportunities for both the firms that hire us to fill vacancies and for the candidates interested in any form of career transition.

Please explore our Blog for new articles that will have relevance to your career goals and practices.

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